VW ID. GTI has lines that connect it to … an Oldsmobile

Looking at the Volkswagen ID. GTI, it’s quite obvious that it takes plenty of inspiration from GTIs of all varieties (Golf, Polo or otherwise) from the past few decades. But during a round-table discussion with press, VW’s Head of Design, Andreas Mindt, revealed some unique origins of some of the ID. GTI’s lines.

Probably the most unique classic connection is an Oldsmobile, and there’s a funny story about it. Mindt explained that there’s a line on the ID. GTI, as well as various other VWs that go all the way back to the original Golf. It’s called the “Tornado” line. It’s a low line in the body that flows into the wheel arches. What’s so tornado-y about it? Well, nothing actually. The line was very much inspired not by a tornado, but by the original Oldsmobile Toronado. And the name is the result of that extra “o” being lost in translation. Admittedly, the line on the ID. GTI is quite subtle. It sits right at the top of the side stripes for reference.

Mindt noted another classic inspiration for the ID. GTI: the De Tomaso Mangusta. No, it doesn’t have a split hood or hatchback, but apparently the fenders have similarities. Mindt noted how Mangusta has the appearance of big fender flares, since there are crisp arches that pop out from the body at the top. But they don’t actually stick out any farther from the body. He noted that a similar treatment is used on the ID. GTI, more noticeable on the front fenders. And by avoiding having the wheel arches sticking too far out, it avoids creating aerodynamic turbulence. That being said, we’re betting the black extensions the GTI adds (and we really dig) over the ID. 2all probably don’t help on the aero front.

So there you have it. Not only does the ID. GTI draw on classic VWs, but on a De Tomaso and an Oldsmobile. But even if it didn’t, we still love it and really hope VW brings the production version stateside.

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